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The Metal Boat Forum is an interactive body of information arranged by subject and contributed by Metal Boat Society members. It is a service to the membership and guests who may search and view posts. The Forum takes on the format of a "bulletin board". Members may post responses and/or further queries to other members posts for help or information.

Some MBS members pursue careers as professionals in the topic areas and others are amateur builders with professions in other fields. Many of our topic moderators have been in the marine business for decades. Marine designers contribute regularly to our design section. The heating and ventilation section is moderated by the guy who wrote the book on the subject, literally.

The Forum actually offers substantial value to any boater ... not just owners of metal boats. It is hard to find any boat without some metal subject to the issues we discuss. MBS Forum topics, are very useful to any boater, whether his structure is made of metal, wood or fiberglass. If you have an interest in boats, their design, construction, building and maintenance ... or any other aspect of boating, then please join us in our quest. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the journey.

Forum Operation

The material you are reading at this moment is not suitable to interactive exchange. So a feature like a bulleting board is added to the MBS site and called the "Forum". In order to use the Forum, a user must establish an identity thru the registration process. Permissions to read and write to the Forum are granted to a user based on membership in MBS. Certain topics are moderated by an expert to keep quality for the submitted material. If you have any concerns or questions with the registration process or the Forum itself, please email using the link at the bottom of the page for assistance.

About Membership

MBS does value everyone who participates. After all, this Society is about bringing people within the metal boat community together. Guests are granted limited access for a short time upon request. One of the membership perks is full access. See benefits on the join page. We hope you will consider joining to continue with us.

While the Metal Boat Society is "not for profit" and is entirely a volunteer organization, it still has the nominal costs and gratis labor such groups have. MBS maintains no office space, but does have phone and computer costs. Development and hosting costs for this web site, printing and production of the Metal Boat Quarterly, to name a few. The MBS keeps membership cost minimal, and the returns are substantial. That small investment may return many, many times its value in knowledge gained and problems either solved or avoided by making use of the extensive knowledge base that is the Forum.

Registration by MBS Members

MBS member registration grants full use of the Forum. This simply requires that the user be an individual/family or commercial member in good standing of the Metal Boat Society.

While the Metal Boat Society is "not for profit" and is entirely a volunteer organization, it still has the nominal costs and gratis labor such groups have. Consider becoming a part of the Forum staff.

Registration by non-members

Non-member registrations will be activated on a temporary basis to give new users the chance to explore the forums while determining that it is indeed of benefit to them. Non-member users can view and read forums and posts but cannot post or respond to queries or upload or download attachments. The costs of operating Forum, minimal as they are, must be somehow paid. To that end we ask that repeat users of the Forum consider becoming dues-paying members of the Society.

Forum Registration Process

Once entering the Forum head page, click on the "Registration" icon in the upper left corner of the page. This will begin a question & answer series. All of your personal information is strictly confidential. A typical session might proceed per the following;

  1. Select your birth date to range
  2. Read and decide if you can live by the rules. There is a button to select.
  3. A form shows up with about a dozen blanks to fill out, some are required.
    • Enter your user name for future identification on the site. Typically use a moniker, like mine is skipv [Nickname Skip, V is an initial]
    • Enter your given and family name. Real names are required as one form of spam protection.
    • NOTE: Under Interests at a minimum provide your boat Name, Manufacturer, Model, and Archetect. Any additional information is helpful.
  4. Enter the text seen in the scrambled text image. This is one protection from robots used to submit false application.
  5. Finish by clicking "submit".

Once the submit button is clicked, registration is in the hands of the administrator. You should receive an email shortly after submitting the request at the address you provided. To complete registration point your browser at the address provided in the email. We do ask that you revise your password from time to time and not share it with anyone.

Approval of an administrator is required. If the automated registration fails, or must be overriden, then some human intervention is needed. If a response to registration is not received in 48hrs and login fails for you, feel free to email the MBS info person for help.


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