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The contents from each issue of Metal Boat Quarterly has been extracted and is tabulated below. The two Special Reports are listed just below the MBQ table. Back issues of the Metal Boat Quarterly include over fifteen year's worth of articles and information. All told, it could well be considered an encyclopedia of metal boat building and fitting out! In addition to MBQ, two special topic reports have been published. These materials are reserved for Metal Boat Society members - you can find more on membership if needed.

Back issues and special reports are now available from the Online Ship's Store in both paper and PDF forms (They are sent from the membership office via priority mail):

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Metal Boat Quarterly Tables of Contents:

Winter 1995

Editorial: The New Metal Boat Quarterly – Michael Kasten

An Update From Our Mentor – Thomas E. Colvin

A Designer's Philosophy – John Atkin

Little Maid of Kent – a Story by Michael Kasten

Two Schooners – Designs by John Atkin

Cutting Torch Basics – Pete Silva

Spring 1995

Editorial: What Tradition Has to Offer – Michael Kasten

Boating & The Internet – Jon Gribskov

Jean's Journey – Jean Colvin

Cherub – A Design by Weston Farmer

Perelandra's Progress: New Zealand Arrival – LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Summer 1995

Editorial: The Naval Architecture of Voyaging – Michael Kasten

Protecting Aluminum – Michael Kasten

43' Cutter Ruarri – A Design by George Buehler

48' Cruise Tug "Loon Point" – A Design by Scott Sprague

A Dream Comes True – John Watts

Fall 1995

Editorial: Why We Like Boats – Michael Kasten

The Pros and Cons of Bilge Fins – Ted Brewer

Zephyr: A 42' Ketch for Voyaging – A Design by Michael Kasten

Beyond: An Early Alloy Yacht – A Design by Laurent Giles

Winter 1996

Editorial: The Right Stuff – Michael Kasten

Horsepower & Boat Size – Thomas E. Colvin

The Ethics of Changing a Design – John Atkin & Michael Kasten

Amos Brown & Florence Oakland – Two Designs by John Atkin

Windspirit – A Design by John Anderson

Perils of Perelandra: New Zealand Haulout – LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Spring 1996

Editorial: The Cabin Boat Primer – Michael Kasten

The Tug–Yacht "Terrier" – A Design by Michael Kasten

K'ung Fu 'Tse and the Waterspout – Jean West Colvin

Perils of Perelandra: Suva & Compass Problems – LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

The Layout Platen – Pete Silva

The Sloop "High Tensile" – Anne Brandt

Summer 1996

Editorial: First Round the World Race, "It Is The Mercy!" – Michael Kasten

Worldwide Metal Boat Builder List – Thomas E. Colvin

The Oocher & The Gloncher: Two Boatbuilding Tools – Michael Kasten

Women Sailors – Three Groups

Stainless is a Plot! – Michael Kasten

Perils of Perelandra: Fiji & The Ultimate Storm – LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Fall 1996 – Special Issue on Framing Metal Boats

Editorial: Metal Boat Framing? You Bet! – Michael Kasten

Why Framing is Used – Thomas E. Colvin

"Frameless" Assembly – Gary Noble Curtis

Swain's "Folded Plate" Boats – Book Review by Pete Silva

Perelandra's Progress: Vanuatu – LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Winter 1997

Editorial: One Day A Little Round Toad Walked In – Michael Kasten

The Fuel / Distance Curve – Thomas E. Colvin

"Fun" with Epoxy – Pete Silva

Twin Keels: A Practical Alternative – Patrick Bray

Two Pocket Kats – Two Designs by Michael Kasten

Spring 1997

Guest Editorial: Adults Don't Do Things Like This! – Stephen Yahn

Materials for Blue Water Cruising Yachts – Neil McCubbin

Wolfwillow: A Design by Geoff Payne

Pretty Penny: A CopperNickle Boat – Gregory Jones

Book Review: Cruising Wrinkles & Sailmaking by Tom Colvin

Pleasures of Perelandra: Favorite Places – LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Summer 1997

Editorial: Quantity vs. Quality – Michael Kasten

The BT Challenge – Michael Kasten

Steel Know–How: Avoiding the Mistakes – Paul Fay

Dialogue On Framing – Brent Swain; Michael Kasten; Dudley Dix

Shearwater and Vickers – Two Designs by Dudley Dix

A North Pacific Escapade Aboard Ritana – Michael Kasten

Fall 1997

Editorial: Preempting A Catastrophe – Michael Kasten

Painting Aluminum – Michael Kasten

Fantom and Greybeard – Two Designs by Michael Kasten

Installing A Through Hull Properly – Michael Kasten

Passage Notes From Perelandra – Sheila Moir & LeCain Smith

Winter 1998

Editorial: Are We Just A Private Club Then? – Michael Kasten

Essential Design Data – Michael Kasten

Building The Proper Binnacle – Michael Kasten

Steel Mast Making – Pete Silva

Laying Teak On A Steel Deck – Andy Pitt

Spring 1998

Guest Editorial: Shopping For A Metal Boat – Savannah Lewis

Essential Design Data : An Exchange – Tom Colvin & Michael Kasten

The Island Princess – A Design by John Atkin

64' Searcher – A Design by Scott Sprague

Roamings of Ritana: Sailing Down The West Coast – Robert & Rita Valine

Summer 1998

Editorial: Blending Art With Science – Michael Kasten

News From Near & Far – Dudley Dix & Graham Radford

Medicine at Sea – Robert C. Austin, M.D.

New Zealand Metal Boat Builders – Michael Kasten

Boojum, The Smallest Trawler – Charles Vollum

Boojum 25; Boojum 30 and Greatheart 36 – Designs by Michael Kasten

Fall 1998 / Winter 1999 – Double Issue, 48 Pages

Editorial: Boating... Is It Just A Guy Thing? – Michael Kasten

Index Of MBQ Prior Issues

An Update From Tom Colvin – Several Designs by Tom Colvin

Heavy Weather Safety – Don Dodds

Roamings of Ritana: Panama!– Robert & Rita Valine

Spring 1999

Editorial: Historic Role of Boat Design in Boatbuilding – Michael Kasten

In Favor of Motor Sailing – Michael Kasten

Two Motor Sailors – Michael Kasten

Hull Shapes & Seakeeping – Dudley Dix

Book Review: Metal Boats – Pete Silva

Summer 1999

Editorial: Boatbuilding Tools: Are We Still In The Dark Ages? – Michael Kasten

A Steel Boat's Compass – Cary Derringer

Strength of Aluminum v. Steel – Michael Kasten

Some Notes on Corten Steel – Michael Kasten

Choosing The Right Boat – Savannah Lewis

Fall 1999

Guest Editorial: Unusual Voyages In Metal Boats

Expanded Membership Mailbag...!

Radius Chine Steel Boats – Dudley Dix

Adventures of Patti Ann – Patricia Blackshaw

Roamings of Ritana – Robert Valine

Winter 2000

Editorial: Cool New Gimmicks...?? Using Good "Boat Sense" – Michael Kasten

Expanded Membership Mailbag

Metal Boat Painting Specification (Long and highly detailed...!!) – Michael Kasten

Boat Bitts: The Proper Fabricated Bitt – Michael Kasten

Spring / Summer 2000 – Double Issue, 48 Pages

Metal Boats for Blue Water – Michael Kasten

Copper Nickel ….!! – Carol Powell

Boat Building Offshore – Michael Kasten

Origami Boatbuilding – Gary Noble Curtis

Boat Parts – Michael Kasten

Trawlers of Distinction – Michael Kasten

Boatbuilding Safety – Lynn King

Fall 2000 – New Format with this Issue!

Editorial: New Officers & Metal Boat Quarterly – Lynn King

The Past Is Not Dead – Thomas E. Colvin

Pre–Cutting a Metal Boat – Stephen F. Pollard

Mindset & Goal Setting For Amateur Boatbuilders – Dudley Dix

Steel Masts: Round or Square – John Kniffen

Winter 2001

Editorial: Designers Showcase – Lynn King

From Wood To Steel – A Material Change – Gary Cline

Voyager 388 – Bruce Roberts

Hout Bay 30 = Dudley Dix

Radford 415 – Graham Radford

Masts and Rigging – Gary Noble Curtis

Spring 2001

Editorial: Recognition of New Lifetime Members – Lynn King

Ameron Protective Coatings – Kurt Mensing

Kaiulani 34 Project – Gene Klinck

Building Marie, Part 1 of 2 – Brian Young

Electrical Grounding of The Metal Boat – David Smead

Felicity 40 – John Simpson

Nidaros 38 Tug Yacht – Michael Kasten

Millie J 35 Aux Cruiser – Ted Brewer

Summer 2001

Editorial: Festival Highlights – Lynn King

Building Marie, Part 2 of 2 – Brian Young

Metal Boat Festival 2001 – Special Insert

Sarum Shows Her Mettle – Peter Wilson

Bagheera On The High Seas – Lisa & Andy Copeland

38 Pilothouse Steel Cutter – Dudley Dix

Abyssinia 65 Alum Utility Yacht – Rick Etsell

Diesel Duck 44 – George Buehler

Fall 2001

Boat Building with Aluminum: The Strongall Process – Philippe Boubel

Pattern Making – Steve Cureton

Welcome New Members

Metal Boat Festival 2001

Origami Boat Building – Brent Swain

32 X 19 Aluminum Drop Bow – Stephen Pollard

Radford 14m – Graham Radford

Winter 2002

Potable Water Systems – Jerry Reid

Keel Cooling & Dry Exhaust – Brian Young

Van De Stadt 37, FORNA

Betty B – Ted Brewer

50' Catamaran – Robt. Harris

Spring 2002 – Special 48 page issue!

It's Cold in Here – Steve Cureton

Hull, Engine Room & Exhaust Insulation – Gerald Wagner

Thermal Barrier / Insulation– George More

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation – Bob Jones

Why build a Pilothouse on a Sailboat: Part I – Brian Young

Spring Fest Time in Bellingham

The Charlie Horn – Trevor Bolt Yacht Design

Bruce Roberts International Yacht Design

43' Pilothouse Cutter – John Simpson

Summer 2002 – Special 44 page festival issue!

Welding Rod and Wire for Various Metals – Tom Colvin

Heating Alternatives – Roger McAfee

Aluminum Hull Welding: Part I – Stephen Pollard

Pratique 35 – Dudley Dix

Pacemaker Mk II – Denis Ganley

Fall 2002

Aluminum Hull Welding: Part II – Stephen Pollard

Rigging for the Home Builder – George Hone

Why Build a Pilothouse on a Sailboat: Part II – Brian Young

Corten 40–43 Foot Steel Aux'y. Cruiser – Brewer Yacht Design

Birth of the Metal Boat Society – Bill Johnson

Winter 2003

Rust Prevention for Steel Boats – Dudley Dix

Corrosion Prevention for Metal Boats – Michael Kasten

Hull Damage Survey and Repair to Aluminum Hulls – Stephen Pollard

Radford 16.75M Aluminum Cruising Yacht – Graham Radford

Spring 2003

So, You Want to Paint Your Boat? – Bill Simpson

Rigging – George Hone

How is a Yacht Design Created – Michael Kasten

Hout Bay 40 Traditional Steel Cruiser – Dudley Dix

Summer 2003

Computer Cutting for Boat Building – Michael Kasten

Small Craft Aesthetics – John Simpson

My Diesel Engine Won't Work – High Brock

43' Pilothouse Steel Cutter – Dudley Dix

Fall 2003

Fairing Compounds – Pete Silva

Rigging Out a Cruising Boat – George Hone

Hull Turning – Dudley Dix

Ocean Packet 54 – John Simpson

Winter 2004

Horsepower: Part I – Hugh Brock

Yacht Insurance – Arthur Campbell

Steel Boat Compass Problems – Will Hamm

Zinc Anodes – John Simpson

49' Power Yacht: Moxie III – Michael Kasten

Spring 2004

Horsepower: Part II – Hugh Brock

Silver Lining Goes North – Gary Noble–Curtis

Building Wood Cabinets for Metal Boats: Part I – Speed Carter

39' Alloy Cruising Cutter – David de Villiers

Across the Pond, From Africa to America – Dudley Dix

Summer 2004

Single Screw Vessels – Capt. Mike Maurice

Engine Bedding / Installation – Leonard French

Building Wood Cabinets for Metal Boats: Part II – Speed Carter

Innovations for MBS Boatbuilding Members – Chuck Jones

Medical Preparation Afloat – Steve Zinsmeister, M.D.

Metal Boat Festival Roundup

Fall 2004

Metal Boat Festival

Stainless Steel Material for Exhaust Systems

Weight Watchers for Boat Builders – John Simpson

Vickers 45 – Dudley Dix

Winter 2005

Yacht Insurance for Metal Boats – Art Campbell

One Marine Surveyor's Perspective on Home Built Boats – Capt. Dick Thorsen

Blast Equipment Setup Guide – Clemco Industries

Member Projects

Boats: Modifications, Conversions, Repairs – John Simpson

Spring 2005

Rethink Your Long Term Cruising Communications – Becky & Rod Nowlin

Yacht Window Problems – Rod Nowlin

Dix 65: Radius Steel or Aluminum Cruiser – Dudley Dix

February Mini–Fest

Summer 2005

Fire Suppression with Pyrogen – John Brooks

Frames First... or Plates First?: A Discussion of Metal Boat Building Methods –
    Michael Kasten

Pirates Attack MBS Members Rod & Becky Nowlin Off Yemen Coast

"Walk On" de Villiers 43' Steel Raised Saloon – David de Villiers

Metal Boat Festival

Fall 2005

Origami Construction of Displacement Hulls – Greg Elliott

Ballast – Jim Thorn

Building and Cruising – Steve Cureton

Self–Built Boats – Martin Dean

Traveler 45 Motorsailer – Bruce Roberts Design

Book Review: How to Paint Your Boat – Pete Silva

Winter 2006

The Metal Boat Society Small Boat Design Contest!!

Master and Commander – Martin Dean

A Note on New EPA Regulations Affecting Paint and Corrosion Control

Story of a Summer Cruise – Rolf and Judy Roschlaub

A Short Cruise to the San Juan Islands – Steve Hayward

Offshore Cruiser 45 – John Simpson

QRV 30 RIB – David DeVilliers

Designing a Small Metal Boat Following the Design Cycle – Kevin Morin

The Building of Endurance – Mike Maurice

The Relationship Between Horsepower and Torque – Brian Young

Stretching the M/V Pacific, Part I – Brian Young

Spring 2006

Adventures of S.V. Lotus, Part I – Jerry and Joni Reid

The Metal Boat Society Small Boat Design Contest

Stretching the M/V Pacific, Part II – Brian Young

Designing vs. Drawing – Kevin Morin

Unstayed Masts: Some Considerations – De Clarke

Designer’s Showcase: 62’ Passenger Launch – John Simpson

Real World Considerations When Painting a Steel Boat – Kirk McAnsh

Summer 2006

Metal Boat Festival 2006!

Adventures of S.V. Lotus, Part II – Jerry and Joni Reid

Handling Characteristics of Twin-Screw Motoryachts with Inboard Rotation

Stretching the M/V Pacific, Part III – Brian Young

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts’ “Choosing a Cruising Power Boat”

Designer’s Showcase: 21’ X 9’ Glass Bottom Cat – Stephen Pollard

Fall 2006

Metal Boat Festival 2006 Highlights! – Candy Larreau, MBS V.P.

Crewing for a Two Time Circumnavigator – Art Campbell, C.P.C.U.

Kata Breva – Wayne Simmons

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts' "Choosing a Cruising Power Boat"

    Chapter Two: Choosing the Hull Type

Winter 2007

Adventures of S.V. Lotus, Part III – Jerry and Joni Reid

Member Projects:

    21' Ocean Skiff – Chris Stephl

    Roberts 38 Offshore – Martin Dean

    Building Barefoot – David Content

    Invictus – Jack Gemmill

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts’ “Choosing a Cruising Power Boat”

    Chapter Three: Passagemakers

Designer’s Showcase: Voyager DS 440 – Bruce Roberts

ABYC and the Home-Built Boatbuilder – Capt. Dick Thorsen, S.A.

The AC Grounding to DC Grounding Connection: The Rationale for Safety –

    Capt. David Rifkin (USN, Ret.)

Making Solid Masts from Trees – Brian Young

Spring 2007

Adventures of S.V. Lotus – Jerry and Joni Reid

The Women’s Perspective – Candy Larreau

February 2007 Mini-Fest

Member Projects:

Randy & Candy Larreau’s Brent Swain design

Spray 27 – Peter Sevin

42’ Steel Cutter – Allen Penticoff

Displacement Cruiser – Richard Correll

40’ Gaff Rigged Colin Archer – Jonny Birkelund

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts’ “Choosing a Cruising Power Boat”

Chapter Four: Accommodations, Part 1

Designer’s Showcase: Sabbatical 50 Aluminum Cruising Ketch – Dudley Dix

Fair Dinkum – Martin Dean

20th Annual Metal Boat Festival

Summer 2007

Adventures of S.V. Lotus  Jerry and Joni Reid

The Challenge of Three – Barrie & Carole Grant

The Women’s Perspective – Candy Larreau

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts’ “Choosing a Cruising Power Boat”

       Chapter Four: Accommodations, Part 2

Thickness Measuring of Steel – Capt. Dick Thorsen AMS, NDTII

Installing Your Boat Windows – Capt. Lynn R. King

Designer’s Showcase: DVD 62 Cruising Cat – David De Villiers

Metal Boat Festival Registration


Fall 2007

Metal  Boat Festival 2007 Wrap-up

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts’ “Choosing a Cruising Power Boat”
    Chapter Five: Outside Areas

The Design Idea – Winfried Hundt

Angantyr: A Classic Steel Sailing Yacht in Galveston Bay – Erik Oistad

Small Craft Aesthetics Update – John Simpson

The Women’s Perspective

Building a Dudley Dix 45’ Sailboat – Lee Sadler

Winter 2008

Dry Exhaust System  Bob Milliken

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts’ “Choosing a Cruising Power Boat”
    Chapter Six: Power Options

Adventures of S/V Lotus  Jerry and Joni Reid

A Winter Sailboat Delivery – Art Campbell

Boat Insulation: Don't Go To Sea Without It  Lynn R. King

Spring 2008

A Caribbean Sailboat Delivery  Art Campbell

Featured Vessel: S/V Iron Maiden

The Loss of Orbit II  Ralph Hollingsworth

Rig N Tig: How to Make Your Own TIG Filler  Terry Cain

Winter Mooring Fails  Kate Hotchkiss

Tool Review

A Man, A Plan, A Tin Can

Coming Unglued: True Tales of a Pauper Steel Boatbuilder  Martin Dean

Making Rounded Corner Portside Sidelights  Per Larsson

New Ship Made with Steel from the World Trade Center

Tania Sails Again!

Excerpts from Bruce Roberts Choosing a Cruising Power Boat Chapter Seven: Engines, Part II

Boat Insulation: Dont Go To Sea Without It!  Lynn R. King

Test Your Metal Prowess

Summer 2008

Live Aboard, Work Aboard: How One Couple Manages to Stay Afloat

Ark Welding

Metal Boat Weld-Up Sequence  Michael Kasten

Book Review: Why Didnt I Think of That?  Kate Hotchkiss

Martin Dean Slips Up

2008 Mini-Fest Report  Candy Larreau

2008 Metal Boat Festival Schedule of Events

Fall 2008

Not Published

Winter 2009

A Boat Owner's Guide For Getting Ready For A Yard Period - Tom Correll

Insuring Your Metal Boat - Art Campbell

Designer Showcase; Yacht Tenders:

A Case For The Sailing Pram - Michael Kasten

Sailing WIth Barbara Marrrett and Karen Prioleau

CanCan: A Can-Do Trailer Sailor - Rob Hoffman

2008 Metal Boat Festival Report - Candy Larreau

Spring 2009

Electrical Grounding of the Metal Boat - David Smead

Designer Showcase; 25' Sport Fisherman - John Simpson

Pathfinder 26 - Brian Smyth

Angantyr Survives "Ike" - Erik Oistad

CanCan: A Can-Do Trailer Sailor, Part 2 - Rob Hoffman

2009 Metal Boat Festival - Candy Larreau

2009 Metal Boat Festival Registration Form

Summer 2009

From Our Files: My Diesel Engine Won't Start - Hugh Brock

Member Projects: Member Len Blower's Aluminum Motor Cruiser

Designer Showcase: Echo 38 Cruising Tug - Dudley Dix

CanCan: A Can-Do Trailer Sailor, Part 3 - Rob Hoffman

MiniFest Snapshots

2009 Metal Boat Festival Schedule of Events

2009 Metal Boat Festival Registration Form

Fall 2009

The End of Premier - Pete Silva

Designer Showcase: The Neville 45, A Tug Story - Chuck Neville

The Case For Integral Tanks, Part 1 - Michael Kasten

The Right Boat - John Simpson

Winter 2010

The Case For Integral Tanks, Part 2 - Michael Kasten

Wiring Your Boat - Owen Youngblood

Designer Showcase: Diesel Duck 41-Plus - George Buehler

A Tale of Two Designs - Ted Brewer

Spring 2010

2010 Winter MiniFest - Owen Youngblood

The Forum at MetalBoatSociety.org - Graham Coombes

Aluminum Boat Structure:

Working with the ABS Rule - Michael Kasten

Hull Turning - Dudley Dix

Preparation for the Alaskan Journey of the Sea Shanty

- Charles Kalusa

Summer 2010

Let's Talk About Roll Period - Chuck Neville

Metamundus - Goal is the World - Thomas Ogrizek

AC Ground Faults, the Boater & ABYC

Sea Chests & Manifolds for Small Vessels - John SImpson

The Designing and Building of "Lynx" - Mike Camp

23rd Annual Metal Boat Festival

Fall 2010

John Simpson: 2010 Metal Boat Festival Designer of the Year

Designer Showcase: The 42ft Ketch - Zephyr by Michael Kasten

Member Projects: Building a Semi-Custom Steel Trawler - Seahorse Marine Diesel Duck 462 Sedan - by Marcia & Kurt Hanson

S/V Vari After Three Years of Cruising - by Gordon Wunder

Forum Features: Hull Plating

2010 Metal Boat Festival, Port Angeles, WA

Winter 2011

Teri Silva - A Memorial

S/V Vari's Maiden Voyage - by Jeanine & Gordon Wunder

A Winter Delivery from Norfolk to Fort Lauderdale - by Arthur Barlow Campbell

Designer Showcase: Roberta Jean 43, An Ocean Voyaging Motor Yacht for Two - by Michael Kasten

Birthing Icanaho - by Rod Palanca

Things to Consider For Your Marine Mattress and Base - by Bernie Purdy

Forum Features: Cabin Top Handhold and Drain - by Graham Coombes

Spring 2011

2011 Pacific NW Mini-Fest

Designer Notes: The Numbers...More Than You Ever Wanted to Know - by Ted Brewer

Women & The Metal Boat Festival - by Bernie Purdy

Integral Fuel Tanks - by Lynn R. King

Bringing Out Boomer - by Owen Youngblood

Where in the World is...? Monty's Marina - by Gordon Wunder

Forum Features: Bottom Paint/Ecospeed

Fall 2011

Dudley Dix - 2011 Metal Boat Festival Designer of the Year

The Launching of Abigail - by Candy Larreau

A "Cushy" Job Making Your Own Cushions - by Suzette Youngblood

2011 Metal Boat Festival Reflections - by Curt Eckley & Arthur B. Campbell

Attending Vessels and Snapshots

New Products: Replacing G-4 style halogen bulbs with LEDs - by Owen Youngblood

Forum Features: Shore Power

Where in the World is...? Lotus - by Jerry & Joni Reid

Boat Doc: Aluminum Corrosion Problem by Michael Kasten

Winter 2012

An Excerpt from Roughing It by Mark Twain

The Spray Foam Nightmare That Wasn't by Tom Purdy

Roman's Don't Swim (We bathe...and then we shop) by Laurie Clark

M/V Columbay by Don Rutherford

Motor Sailing Ketch Lucille by Michael Kasten

Last Mango By Lynn Sipkens

MBS Membership Stats by Owen Youngblood

Spring 2012

Designer's Corner: Hout Bay 50, Traditional Steel Schooner by Dudley Dix Yacht Design

From "Rusty Tin Can" to Elyse by Roxy Darling

Is there a metal yacht in your future? by Ted Brewer

Commercial Member Spotlight: Dylan Bailey's Yacht Services

Summer 2012

Insulating with Marine Deslta T by Rod Palanca

Boatbuilding Safety: Considerations When Building Your Boat by Lynn King

Designer's Corner: 42' Steel Halibut Schooner by Tad Roberts

Ocean Watch, what is she doing now? by Rod Palanca

Ocean Adventures with a Purpose, Spirit of the Sea

From the Galley: Easy Chicken and Rice/ Easy No Cook Fudge, by Dee Palanca

Fall 2012

Atlantis Transits the Panama Canal, An Answer to that Often Asked Question by Jim Jolly

Reflections on the Metal Boat Festival 2012 by Arthur B. Campbell, CPCU

Member Projects: Things to Think About Before Ordering A New Boat by George Buehler

Motor Yacht Sarah Elizabeth Banks, From Fire Boat to Party Boat by Rod Palanca

Winter 2013

Rolf and Judy Roschlaub and Crannog by Rolf Roschlaub

Building Steel Fuel Tanks by Rod Palanca

Designer's Showcase: Ocean Packet 54, Long Range Cruiser by John Simpson, J. Simpson Ltd. Delta BC, Canada

Howdy Bailey: Measure Twice, Cut and Weld Once by Dylan Bailey

Where in the World is...Lotus? by Joni and Jerry Reid

Commercial Member Spotlight: Central Welding Supply

Spring 2013

To Be or Not To Be - On the 'DoomsDay Preppers'! by Capt William E. Simpson

Adding a Steel Rub Rail by Rod Palanca

Catamaran Sailboat Project by Anthony Birchley

Ice Dream: A Fisherman Becomes a Sailor by Mark Roye, Pacific Northwest Station

Commercial Member Spotlight: J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc. Marine Surveyors

Summer 2013

(Paint Repair) Tools of the Trade by Dylan Bailey

Gasket Material for Diesel Tanks by Lynn R. King

Designer's Showcase: Bon Accord 46' Pilothouse by John Simpson

Liza Jane/Maclas A Brief History

What's Happening on the MBS Forum by Graham Coombes

Fall 2013

Propellers and Shaft Components by Rod Palanca

Pictures from the 2013 Metal Boat Festival

Designer's Showcase: Howdy Bailey built boats

A Handy Rode Cleaners by John Simpson

Rust Prevention for Steel Boats by Dudley Dix

Icanaho Goes to Glacier Bay by Rod Palanca

Winter 2014

A Check List to Help Ensure a Boating Happy New Year by Dylan Bailey

Rudder Improvement by Elsbeth & Leander Nichols

Hull, Engine Room Exhaust Insulation by Gerald Wagner, Ballard Insulation

How to Build a 65 Foot Hull in 8 Weeks by Gerd Marggraff

A Hydraulic Shaping Press by Graham Coombes

Interior Paint Repair For Metal Boats by Dylan Bailey

"Zimbaboon" An Unforgettable Character by Rod Palanca

Commercial Member Spotlight: Three Metal Boats for sale through Swiftsure Yachts

Special Reports Tables of Contents:

Special Report: Marine Metals Reference by Michael Kasten

The Marine Metals & The Appropriate Uses of Metals on Boats

Welding Methods & Materials

Marine Metals Book List

Preventing Galvanic Corrosion

Marine Metals Physical Properties Tables & Galvanic Series Tables

Special Report: Corrosion, Zincs & Bonding by Michael Kasten

An Overview of Corrosion Prevention on Boats

Lightning Protection; Radio Grounding; Shock Prevention; Stray Currents

The Case Against Bonding vs. The Case In Favor Of Bonding

Wiring For Corrosion Protection; Bringing Aboard Shore Power

ABYC Rules; Special Considerations for Metal Boats

Further Reading; Welding Power Connections; The Galvanic Series

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